The general scope of the MAVEN project can be identified as search and verify multimedia contents. Within such a broad goal, taking into account the needs and business cases of the SMEs involved in the Consortium, MAVEN will focus on some specific objectives, aiming at supplying the SMEs with a set of tools, that will improve their products from the point of view of forensic analysis and media content-based analysis.

The objectives concerning the verify goals can be summarized as:

Objective 1: acquisition device identification

The objective consists in identifying the acquisition device of a given image, in order to link a given image to a given camera, as demonstration of origin authenticity.

Objective 2: forgery detection

The objective consists in the trustworthiness verification of image and video documents, in particular through the detection of doubly encoded contents and the exploitation of a decision fusion framework for summarizing different outputs from different integrity verification algorithms.

The objectives concerning the search goals can be summarized as:

Objective 3: text detection and recognition

The objective consists in the detection and recognition of a text within a scene, in order to automatically search and annotate text within image and video galleries.

Objective 4: human trait analysis

The objective consists in analysing human traits for the automatic detection and recognition of faces in image and video galleries and for the spoken keyword detection from audio tracks.

Objective 5: object detection and recognition

The objective consists in the detection of a particular content within image and video galleries, in particular for the recognition of company-logo and the automatically categorization of a scene within image and video galleries accordingly to a given content.