MAVEN has the potential to significantly change the way that many companies and organizations manage their multimedia assets. The results of MAVEN will allow SMEs, law enforcement bodies, press agencies, insurance companies, and broadcasting companies, among others, to manage their multimedia contents and verify their integrity and authenticity in an efficient and scalable manner. The SMEs participating in the project will play an important role in maximizing the impact of the developed technologies, as explained below.

AMPED will disseminate the results mainly to law enforcement labs and government agencies, which will benefit from MAVEN advanced tools for forensics and intelligence activities. In particular, the verification of video integrity is expected to gain wide acceptance, since video authentication is a very difficult topic without tools currently available in the market.

ARTHAUS will disseminate the results in professional communities of web application developers dealing with large image databases. The first use case to be tested will be in an application for capturing, processing and delivery of professional, high quality, real-estate images. Such an application faces the problems of resolving image ownership, image cataloguing, and in particular conformance checking of image retouching. The MAVEN tools successfully address all those problems.

TAIGER will explore the application of MAVEN technologies in new markets where the technology has the potential to open new opportunities. In a first step, MAVEN will be integrated with products already available at TAIGER (in particular, the product iSearch[1]). In a second step, TAIGER will explore the exploitation of MAVEN under a SaaS model, which has the potential to reach massive audiences bringing the benefits of MAVEN tools to virtually all organizations, in particular small companies.

Finally, XTREAM will focus on the dissemination and exploitation of MAVEN technologies in market segments where it already possesses a well-developed distribution and partnership network, in particular Government and Homeland Security, where MAVEN addresses real market demands. Such dissemination will be facilitated in a first step by integrating MAVEN modules in two products of XTREAM portfolio.