MAVEN presented at the Forensics Europe Expo

Martino Jerian, CEO and founder of Amped Software, presented the new image and video authentication tools being developed as part of the project MAVEN at a workshop at the Forensics Europe Expo, that took place in London from April 21 to April 22.

Forensics Europe Expo is the only dedicated international forum to the entire forensics sector, with over 3,000 international
visitors from the forensics industry.


MAVEN at the ICAART 2015

During the 7th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence (ICAART), Luca Piras (research associate at the Pattern Recognition and Applications Lab of the University of Cagliari) presented MAVEN, showing a demonstration tool developed within the project with the following functionalities: text recognition and detection, logo recognition, object recognition, scene recognition and face recognition and detection.

The conference took place in Lisbon, 10-12 january, 2015.

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