What is MAVEN?

MAVEN is a collaborative project among seven European partners, which has been selected by the European Commission as one of the projects funded under the “Research for the benefit of SMEs” programme, in the 7th Framework Programme.


The efficient management of large amounts of multimedia files is a challenging task, especially in industrial environments. The first direct demand regards how to easily searchcontents within high populated galleries. The second relevant issue concerns how to verifythat contents (and the information they convey) are genuine and thus credible. Despite the advances in the Security and Media sectors, MAVEN arises from the need of providing such industries with a suite of advanced technological solutions, able to operate in a range of realistic scenarios (CCTV, web images, broadcast data, etc).  The project results will allow SMEs, law enforcement bodies, press agencies, insurance companies and broadcasting companies, among others, to manage their multimedia assets and verify its integrity and authenticity, all in an efficient and scalable manner.

What will MAVEN do?

MAVEN project will develop a set of tools for multimedia data management and security. Given the large amount of multimedia contents that are circulating daily in personal and industrial environments, it is highly important that integrity and authenticity verification can be performed in an efficient and scalable manner. In this sense, it must be taken into account that not all multimedia contents have the same degree of importance.

In fact, when checking the authenticity of multimedia data, one is mostly interested in focusing the analysis in certain “interesting” patterns occurring in the multimedia content such as persons, texts, specific objects, etc. This gives rise to the concept of “search and verify”that is central to the MAVEN project, which supports both functionalities in an integrated and coherent manner, contrary to any other tool currently available in the market.